Sunday, June 29, 2008

Long paddle, long day

There was a paddling event that happened out in Fountainhead, a local park that is part of the reservoir system. Meaning no swimming, alas as it was a very hot day with no clouds, the sun seemed relentless. Good thing for sun block, although I did miss a few spots close to my shirt line. I'll have some interesting tan lines after this. We were a fairly large group with different levels but we all managed to paddle about 11 miles according to the final GPS reading. GPS being operated by the ever interesting cigar smoking paddler. While we had shown up expecting a shorter paddle, we did do the full 11 miles. Afterwards we collapsed in an exhausted heap and didn't move for 2 hours. Then off we went to a white water evening social paddle.

Call us crazy but we somehow found the energy for another 2 hours of paddling. We started just goofing off in the boats on the flat part of the river but decided we had had enough of flat water and quickly paddled over to some moving water at the Maryland chutes. After learning how to enter and leave the current without flipping, we then started rolling in the current. It is good practice to say the least. It was certainly less forbidding after doing it a few times. Looks like both our rolls are in good shape. Wish I had some pics of the event, but alas no one had a camera. Hopefully next time.

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