Friday, April 09, 2010

Lasik at one month

So its been one month and while I have been loving not having to worry about glasses, I am still healing. My vision has stabilized and while not perfect, one eye is 20/20 and the other is 20/25. Really not bad at all. I do have dry eyes. This is a combination of the dry environment I am living in (Salt Lake is much drier then the more humid Washington DC I came from), and the lasik process. This should start decreasing with time as I adjust and heal. The night halos and glare are also slowly diminishing. The only thing I have had to do differently is wear sunglasses. When the sun is shining here it is really quite bright, even without snow around. I have to avoid UV exposure to my eyes to ensure they heal well. I will eventually phase myself away from the darker ones to lighter sunglasses. I also noticed that I seemed to have lost my close up vision. I can't remember what it was like before because I never thought to benchmark it like was suggested for night glare. I've had some night glare so getting a bit more wasn't a surprise and I am told it should go back to pre-lasik levels. I can read just fine at normal distances and even closer but about 4 inches from my eyes things are hard to focus on. So far I am happy to not have eye glasses. I think the more telling point will be kayaking without glasses. I felt having glasses while kayaking was more trouble as losing them is a real pain.

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