Thursday, December 29, 2005

Snowmobiling Adventures

The whole family went out yesterday on a family adventure. We went up north to rent a few snowmobiles and have fun in the great outdoors. It was a blast. I had never done anything like it before. I had a chance to drive as well as be a passenger. I found it hard to steer at times. It was as if the trail had more say over where the machine was going than I did. I also found it hard to keep the gas on as it was thumb operated. Not only is my thumb still being a little useless but it required quite a bit of force to give it gas and then hold it in place for the duration of the trail. On a good note, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. We were up near Mount Tremblant. We could see the ski slopes in the background and sometimes we entered into the woods. We also went through a covered bridge and around some farm lands. It was great. I find I am very sore in the back and maybe my arms. I will have to stretch it out tonight.

I made some absolutely great bread today. It was a buttermilk whole wheat with sunflower seeds in it. It was loosely based on a recipe in a book but I deviated enough that I felt I had to write it down. I really should do that more often when I deviate as sometmes I create great food but just don't remember what I did after a few days. Out of sight, out of mind. I did write down the deviations I made to Rachel Ray's chipotle chili con queso. I like how it turned out with the smoked cheddar but my mother didn't. Means more leftovers for us. Yummy.

It was raining earlier, freezing rain. Now it is just snowing. The light flakes that look so pretty under the street lamps as they drift down to earth. Not sure how much snow is forecasted. Maybe if it is nice out I will take the camera out and get some pics. Problem is, I am trying to burn off the rest of the pics on my film so I can find out what is on the first part of the film. It seems so long since I put the film in that I have no idea what the first 15 shots are. I did take some snowmobiling shots. I don't know if any of them will make it to the web as I would have to scan them and I am feeling lazy.

I start work on the 3rd of January and I really don't want to go. I want to work again but not at this job. I recived a letter of receipt for my application to work with the RCMP in their forensic labs. Now that would be wicked awesome. Even the Calgary job would be better then the one I accepted. Hope one of the other jobs comes through soon.

I posted a few new entries. With my sore back I find it hard to sit in front of the computer. I will try to get more up tomorrow. I really only have 24 entries left. If I put in a big push I may be able to get most of them up before the new year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas goodies

I must have been a good girl this year as Santa was very good to me. I got a really nice set of sushi tools and ingredients. I also got some cookbooks that I will start trying out. I will post updates on my baking trials and tribulations. It is a dessert book.

I had a second phone interview with the Calgary people. My fingers are crossed so tightly I am afraid they will stay that way. This job sounds like exactly what I am looking for and as it is near the Rockies, i will be able to get out and do some hiking and backpacking in some real mountains. Maybe I will get my bindings attached to my skis and get some skiing in.

I finished most of my Christmas knitting so that means I have more time to start getting the rest of my AT thru-hike entries up. Keep an eye out for them over the next week. I will try to be good and post a few everyday. I will also try to get more pics up. I have to fix my computer but I may just leave it as is to get this finished first. I really don't feel like tackling that right away. It needs a re-install of Gentoo and a dual boot of Windoze. I also have to get my other hard drive in and get it to recognize the cdrom. It is also missing so much software that I am almost unable to do anything on the computer. At least I have access to the recipe index and the mp3's. I was sent a new iPod due to a defective battery so I had to get more music on that. I dread to think about what I lost on the iPod hard drive. I know I had Ghost in the Shell 2 on there and maybe a few Cowboy Bebops. I will try to find them as a torrent but I won't hold my breath. Maybe I will try to get in touch with the people who gave them to me and see if they can email them to me or better yet, drop them on my hard drive. Computers, don't know whether to love them or hate them.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Job

The good news is that I have a new job starting beginning January. The bad news is that I don't think I will like the job. It just is not what I am looking for but given the job market and my lack of French, I am somewhat limited in what I can apply for. I did get another interview for a job out in Calgary that looks really great. I hope I get that job. At least it will get me out of this province. The politics are really going downhill. The English papers are slanted one way and the French papers are all very separatist. The french papers don't even try to make an effort to give arguments for keeping the country together. Is it any wonder the French want to separate so badly. Oh well.

I still have about a month worth of entries to get up onto to blog about my thru-hike. I will be trying to make a dent in those the next few days. I am so busy with knitting Christmas gifts right now that the thought of typing makes my wrists hurt.